First and foremost I’m a momma! I have 3 beautiful Girls, A is 9, E is 2, and I is 3 months. I am lucky enough that I get to stay home and watch them grow up (too quickly I may add…). My hubby is in the air force, we’ve been married 5 years and he is my best friend (cliche I know but I can help it, he’s amazing!) We are currently living on the East Coast of Canada which is where we call home and where we are originally from so fingers crossed we get to stay awhile.

My passion is baking, cookies are my specialty. I spend most of my free time covered in flour with food colouring on my hands. My sister-in-law and I are currently in the early stages of setting up our cookie business and learning a lot along the way.

Life is busy, fun, and challenging! I’m excited to share a sneak peak into my life. But first, coffee!