First off, thank you for coming. Whether on purpose or by complete accident, I’m glad you’re here!

You’re probably thinking “Great… another mom who thinks she can blog. Get off the computer and take care of your kids.” If this is you, you’re right, I am a mom and I am going to TRY and blog. My kids sleep (occasionally) and I can only do the dishes and mop the floors so many times before my brain turns to mush. I need a creative outlet, something to let me stay organized and put my ideas to virtual paper. I’m sure many stay at home parents (and parents in general) can agree that time to do what makes you happy can make or break your mental health. So here I am, throwing it all out there in hopes I can help make someones day a little lighter 🙂

Things you can look forward to:

  • All things kitchen – cookies, cakes, recipes, fails and wins, product reviews, attempted meal plans and prepping.
  • All things kids – party planning, hacks, games, how to survive summer, funny stories, cloth diaper journey and more.
  • All things coffee – well mostly just my coffee mug obsession 🙂

You can follow my cookie adventure with my sister-in-law by clicking on the Instagram and Facebook icons on the home page.

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Angela cropped-logomaker-1498228499487.png


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